Closest Airport To Columbia University

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Columbia County is home to two airports, either of which is close to an airport. They are Columbia university airport and Diebold main corporate headquarters airport. Neither of these airports are very large, so it does not matter that you cannot fly out of them.

Both airports offer flights on major airlines, so it is an option to have even if you do not fly often. Many people choose Diebold main because of its high-profile location and employees.

Closest Airport to Columbia University

There are many fun things to do in the vicinity of both airports. At columbia university airport you can go skydiving or watch parades, while at diebold main you can go snowboarding or boat racing! Both enjoy the public’s interest in these activities, so there are plenty of people who travel to visit them.

Newark Airport

closest airport to columbia university

The largest airport in the New York metropolitan area is Newark Airport. It’s also the closest major airport to Columbia University.

Newark Airport is a 30-minute drive from downtown Manhattan and is the primary international departure and arrival point for flights to New York City.

Over half of all international flights arrive at least three hours before any other flight. This gives passengers more time to check in, find a seat, and get ready for the flight.

International flights arrive between six and nine hours before any other flight, making it the perfect location for a quick airport pickup. There are no security lines at either site, only a brief tour of the terminal and an announcement station where you will be picked up.

The easiest way to get to Newark Airport from Manhattan is via public transportation or car service. If you fly often, it is worth investing in an airport parking pass so you do not have to drive around traffic or take public transit every day.

LaGuardia Airport

closest airport to columbia university

La Guardia is the closest airport to Columbia University. It is also the closest airport to Manhattan, making it a popular departure point for out of town visitors.

La Guardia is the home base of New York City Airporter, which offers connections to airports around the United States as well as New York City. The airline has been around since the 1970s and currently serves nine airports in New York City and Long Island.

The airport also features a baggage handling facility for all flights, so no waiting is allowed at either location. All flights must arrive and depart within one hour of the last flight departing, making it a reliable gateway to the city.

Because La Guardia is such an important airport for out-of-town visitors, it has some high-priced parking options.

Teterboro Airport

closest airport to columbia university

At close to New York City’s Teterboro Airport, de mantra de la regione está en el alto del montaña. As the saying goes in the mountains, there’s a high mountain and a high mountain.

The closest airport to Midtown Manhattan is the Teterboro Airport, located just north of New Jersey Turnpike Exit 6. Once you land, you can take Metro Line 1 to Union Street station and then walk five minutes on Washington Square Park South to the airport.

Airlines and other air services typically land at ETP-Tebboro Airport which is about 12 miles east of Midtown Manhattan on Route 4. From there, it is an 8-mile drive to the airport where you can catch your flight.

Boston Airport

closest airport to columbia university

If you are traveling to or from Boston, there are several options for how to get into the airport. You can take the subway to the airport, ride the Train To The Airport (TTA), or fly into Logan Airport and take the Orange Line T-Bahn to Prudential Center.

Prudential Center is a 15-minute walk from the terminal and has frequent transportation connections to public transit along Prudential Avenue. You can also find significant discounts on flights if you arrive and depart late in the night when travel is heavily discounted.

If you are flying out of Boston and need assistance getting into the airport, Prudential Center has helpful staff who can help you. If you are traveling to Boston and need assistance getting off the airport, Prudential has helpful staff who can help you.

Philadelphia Airport

closest airport to columbia university

The closest airport to Columbia University is the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). It is about a 30-minute drive from Central Queens or Flushing Queens area.

The airport is located just outside the city in Media, Pennsylvania. It is connected by highway to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The airport has three terminals: Terminal C, D, and E. All three have Wi-Fi access, so you can stay informed about your flight status via your smartphone or website.

You can also take public transit to get to and from the airports. There are several stations near the terminal that provide service every few minutes. There are also taxis at the airport that take passengers directly to their destinations.

Atlantic City Airport

closest airport to columbia university

The Atlantic City International Airport is the closest airport to Columbia Universityhest. It is also the largest airport in New Jersey by land area and the sixth-largest by sea area.

The airport was built in the early 2000s and opened in 2005 as a $60 million project. It served as a hub for regional airline Horizon Air until it was merged into smaller airline partner Trans States Holdings in 2015.

HorizonAir made its final flight on January 1, 2016 when Trans States Holdings bought out the airport’s operator, ACI Group, making Trans States Holdings the sole owner of the airport.

Trans States Holdings sold its shares of HorizonAir to investors earlier this year making it possible for people living near Columbia Universityhest to finally use the new terminal at ACI Group’s new facility next to Tappan Zee Bridge.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)

closest airport to columbia university

The largest airport in the Washington metropolitan area, Baltimore-Washington International Airport is the closest airport to Columbia University.

It is also the largest commercial airport in Maryland and the District of Columbia, with over 32 million passengers passed through it in its years as an international gateway.

Most flights arriving and departing from BWI are to/from cities across North America, as well as Europe. As a result, most visitors are greeted by a friendly staff member at the checkin counter and terminal.

Despite its name, BWI does not have an airport terminal; all flights land at their respective destinations and then depart from one main building. The main building has three levels: administrative, student services, and ticketing/confirmation booth.

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)

closest airport to columbia university

Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is the closest major airport to Columbia University, right next to Columbia University’s main campus.

The airport has five gates to choose from, all of which are fully interactive LCD displays with clear instructions. There is also an illustrated map of the airport on the first floor of the building where more detailed information is available.

There are two different check-in areas at IAD. The primary check-in area is located in front of the terminal and the secondary check-in area is located behind it. Both areas have their own set of signs and directions, making it easy to find.

Primary check-in users should enter a specific floor or room they are going to, as well as enter their flight information and confirmation number.

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