Which Is Closest Airport To High Point University?

The closest airport to High Point University is Cullman County Airport, located five miles north of the university. It’s also the largest airport in Cullman County and is served by most major airlines.

Cullman County Airport is a great resource for students as it has flight schedules, childcare services, and other school-related resources. The flight times are approximate and vary based on season, so look up a time later in the summer or fall.

If you are traveling to or from High Point University in the winter, you can purchase a free service called “Tundra Transportation” that will take you and your belongings on an airline-provided heated coach seat for about $20 per person.

Both services are highly reliable and safe.


closest airport to high point university

Charlotte is the closest airport to High Point University. It is also the most central airport in North Carolina. Due to this, Charlotte has become very popular as a city location for small business owners.

Because of this, many high-profile companies have relocated their corporate headquarters to Charlotte and established themselves in High Point University and adjacent neighborhoods. This draws in both interested individuals and potential customers who see the favorable location.

Furthermore, because of its close location, businesses are more likely to offer transportation services at no extra cost. This can lead to more sales for them!

Many transportation companies offer specialized vehicles just for moving people and equipment.


closest airport to high point university

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Raleigh University was founded in 1927 and is the oldest institution of higher education in North Carolina. It is a public research university with more than 9,000 students enrolled in more than 130 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

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ATL Airport (bus ride)

closest airport to high point university

The closest airport to High Point University is Atlanta-Fulton Public Schools’ Fulton County Airport (MOC). This airport is about 5 miles from the university and serves as the university’s airline terminal.

However, due to flight schedules, it is not uncommon for riders to take the metro from MOC and ride a train or a bus to High Point University. Many students also use this transportation as a way to get to and from school as well.

If you are riding the train or bus to campus, you will need to purchase a ticket at either MOC or Fulton County Airport. If you are flying into Atlanta-Faulkton Public School’s (A-F) Terminal A, fly in one door and go upstairs; then take the stairs down to Terminal B.

Here is an article that can help guide you through this process:http://www.highpointuniversity.com/student_transportation/flight_tickets.

HSV Airport (bus ride)

closest airport to high point university

The airport is about five minutes away by car via highways 70 and 94. You can also take the bus which departs from the mall on weekdays at 5:30 and 7:30pm with a trip to the airport for $2/$3 per person.

The mall also has a flight training program called Flight Tutor which offers their services for $50/hr which is cheaper than the flight training program.

Flight Tutor has two tower positions, one being an instructor position and a pilot position. The pilot position is responsible for taking off and landing of jets. The instructor position takes care of getting people in the planes and flying them around.

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport it

With the recent opening of High Point University’s new campus in Greensboro, many students may be wondering which airport is closest to this university so they can travel there by plane.

There are several airports that are relatively close to the HPU campus, including the Piedmont Triad International Airport (which serves Greensboro), the Charlotte Douglas International and Asheville Regional airports, as well as smaller regional airports such as the Greater Wilmington Regional Airport and Pee Dee Regional Airport.

For those who do not wish to fly, HPU also offers bus transportation from various locations around the country.

closest airport to high point university

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The closest airport to HPU is the Piedmont Triad International Airport (Greensboro), which is located 56 miles away.

In order to make the bus trip to campus, students must purchase a ticket through HPU’s Student Transportation Program.

“Asheville Regional Airport” is only about 20 miles away from HPU, making it an easy drive for those who do not wish to fly. There are four different routes that students can take to get from the airport to campus: car, bus, taxi, or bicycle.

At least on weekends and holidays, there are usually many people riding bikes or riding public transportation to and from campus.

If you would like to help out your fellow classmates, become a member of the College Club or become a part of any organization that has some kind of service project.

Either way, have fun while doing it.

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