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Keiser University is a two-year college located in Seminole, Florida. It offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Associate’s degree in Business Administration. Both degrees are expected to lead to a bachelor’s degree at some point.

At Keiser University, you can receive your associate’s degree in just two years, which is why the Bachelor’s program takes so long. However, the associate’s degree takes much less time than the bachelor’s degree.

The salary range for an admissions counselor at Keiser University is $35,000-$40,000 per year, making an average of $21,200 per year. This can be lower or higher than the average depending on what level of job you have taken off of site.

How Much Do Keiser University Admissions Counselors Make?

keiser university admissions counselor salary

The average salary for a Keiser University Admissions Counselor is $50,000 per year. This is an average salary that can change depending on specific roles.

The salary of a admissions counselor at Keiser University varies by role, making the job highly unique. Some are paid more than others which depends on what they do and how well they work as a team.

A lot of this team members are compensated through collaboration and mutual success as a group. When one member does not meet expectations, the others must STEP IN to make sure they are taken care of.

This is something that comes into play when a person gets recruited to the team as an individual, as they must work together to make a successful claim on the job.

Factors Affecting Keiser University Admissions Counselor Salary

keiser university admissions counselor salary

While graduate degrees are increasingly required for entry-level positions, they are not the only degree candidates have to offer them. As the demand for college graduates continues to grow, some jobs will still require an associate’s degree or higher.

Job placement is a big concern for people making a salary shift. If you do not have a degree but can help fill in the gaps, you can increase your income and confidence by moving into an entry-level position.

Some companies will even pay more if you have a graduate degree than if you do not. The combination of work experience and credits can be worth it to make a change like this.

It is important to always look for ways to upgrade your skills and feel confident in your abilities when taking on new jobs.

Skill and Experience

keiser university admissions counselor salary

While being an Admissions Counselor at a university is not hard-work, you must be skilled and experienced in your field to be effective.

You must have experience working with students to develop skills and experience in order to be effective in your role as an Admissions Counselor. As a KEiser University Admissions Counselor, you will need to develop your career plan and marketability in order to become successful in your role as an Admissions Counselor.

As an introvert, it can be difficult to ever get involved with people, but developing the ability to Developing Relationships is what truly separates the good from the great.

Geographic Location

keiser university admissions counselor salary

Keiser University admissions counselors work in local communities, so it is important for them to be logged in where people need them to send out mail, and to have access to online applications.

Some regions require a login account, so that admissions counselors can manage student accounts using their login account. Some also use online applications to manage students, which requires another log in account.

Having both accounts will save time when sending out postcards and solicitations, as well as having access to the computer or phone application.

Being located in a prominent location can help a university attract international applicants. If an applicant from abroad is looking for a career in science or business, then Keiser University has an opening for them.

Employment Contract

keiser university admissions counselor salary

In addition to being an education counselor at a university, he or she may also be required to work a certain amount of hours per week, and must sign a contract agreeing to do so.

Some employment counselors may also work as volunteer helpdesk agents or administrative assistants, though these positions may require less formal training and experience.

As with any job, there are times when you need to focus on yourself and on making money while you are in school, but it is still important that the person-centered role-based compensation is in place.

A salary schedule or compensation package can help ensure this!

Scheduling is an important part of having a successful career-meeting scheduler, and each job has its set of skills and limitations.

Hours Worked

keiser university admissions counselor salary

Most Keiser University admissions counselors work from Monday through Friday, with the exception of weekends. Most take Tuesday or Thursday as their appointment setting day and work until late into the evening or early morning.

Their lead time is usually 2 to 4 weeks before an appointment is needed so applicants can prepare for their interview. Once an applicant is approved, the counselor works with the applicant on weekly follow-ups until graduation.

This takes up some of his or her time, making it more difficult to pursue additional training or other career growth. Having a lead time of two to four weeks can make a difference in pursuing additional training as an admissions counselor.

Also, because he or she needs time to prepare for interviews, few applicants are on schedule with their interviews until the second week in January. This can be problematic because many students need help preparing for interviews and getting rid of the dreaded phone call can be difficult.

Permissions to Work Another Job

keiser university admissions counselor salary

If you’re a candidate for Keiser University admission counselor, you might be wondering if having additional job permissions or working another job is worth it for the opportunity to work at the Keiser University salary.

Job role flexibility is key when applying for positions at a specific company. If a position at the Keiser University salary requires strictly enforced departmental regulations, then only authorized employees may apply.

If an employee needs to work in several departments to fulfill roles, such as academic admissions, membership services, and marketing, only authorized personnel may apply. This helps prove someone has the integrity and character required for public office, which is so important to have in today’s world.

Also, having an additional job role that allows for flexibility is what pays off in this field of public office. Candidate’s must have absolute control over their appearance and demeanor in order to gain credibility as an elected official.

Admissions Counselor Job Description

keiser university admissions counselor salary

A admissions counselor holds a high-profile position in a college or university, which includes serving as a liaison between incoming students and the community and helping them find their footing. They work with many different people, including parents, students, campus personnel, and staff.

As a person in this role, you must be strong enough to read people’s hearts and find the right fit for your school. You must also be able to talk effectively about your school and its programs so that potential students will take a look into it.

To make their job easier, admissions counselors have special skills that they can use to good effect. These include being able to write well, knowing how to manage their stress levels, and being able to listen effectively.

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