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At Purdue, you get to choose one of five distinctive colors to add to your wardrobe. Each color compliments the other well, making them a great way to show off your personality.

Olive Oilackets is the traditional colorway for Olive, a classic food source. Described as a solid green with occasional yellow and red accents, this colorway is versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Citrusaprices is the traditional colorway for Citrus, an iconic fruit style flavor. This particular colorway is described as being bright and strong in flavor, making it an ideal match for almost any item.

Pom Peep is the traditional colorway for Springtime, an expected season start time each year.

Purdue Adopted the Color Scheme from Stanford

purdue university colors old gold

When Stanford introduced its new color scheme for 2015, Purdue decided to copy it.

The new color scheme features a teal-green background with gray, black, and orange accents. It is paired with classic golds, grays, and orans.

Purdue students were the first to wear the new look in January 2018, when they wore their white helmets at home against Indiana University-Purdue (IUPU). These helmets were also worn on the road when the team visits Indiana University-Bloomington in September 2018.

These helmets are very popular among fans, as they are very expensive ($150+ buy them go) and are usually only worn for one game per season.

The Colors Represent the Rich Earth and Wheat Fields of Indiana

These uniforms are named after the fields because they look like wheat and earth fields. They are green, gold, and white, which represent the earth, wheat, and earth fields, respectively.

The green represents growth and the field representation of land to show strength. The white represents purity and innocence and would remind people of a heavenly scene or God.

These uniforms are very popular among fans, so they are expensive to purchase. A cost-effective way to support Purdue is by investing in new uniforms. You can buy them online or in person at the Boilerhouse Student Center store.

Buying new clothes is also a way to keep tabs on how you look while playing on the field and during training camp and season-opener events.

purdue university colors old gold

Once they are in season, they can easily get stuck in things

Coral is in the spring and summer, making it a popular color to wear during those periods. In fact, coral is the most popular color for weddings today.

Weddings are a special event, so getting your bride or groom something nice in coral is a good start. Then, the groomsmen and women can go out and enjoy the summer!

In addition to being popular color preferences, blue and gold are very classic colors.

Old Gold, White and Black are Great Color Choices for Dreary Winter Days

purdue university colors old gold

You can mix and match these three colors to create many looks!

When looking at color palettes, each one should be considered in its own right and not just added to create a more colorful look.

Old gold is a soft, golden color. It works well in mixed uses such as clothing, accessories, and interior decoration. Old gold is an easy color to add more of because it is an easy covereage base.

White is the bason silent blank of colors. It does not tell you what color it is unless looked at closely. There are many ways to use white in design, including under black or non-colorful materials.

These Colors Can Be Worn Any Time of Year

purdue university colors old gold

This is a free colorway that Purdue offers. Old gold is a color that can be worn in both warm and cool weather, making it a universal color.

Old golds are traditionally characterized by being rich in iron content and tanned with antimony, which makes them hard, yet flexible. This makes them an excellent material to use in craft projects as the user can change the texture of their project using only old golds.

In 2017, old gold was added to the Equestrian Color System as part of a broader group of colors including charcoal, midnight, and dove. These colors represent softness and gentleness, qualities that apps such as Facebook Messenger emphasize heavily. Apps such as those use old golds because they are neutral enough to be used in all contexts, but soft enough for most people to feel comfortable using.

Pair These Colors with Metallic Accents Like Silver or Gold

purdue university colors old gold

A university color is green, so green-and-gold is a nice match.

Use Neutral Colors to Balance the Bright Tones in These Hues

purdue university colors old gold

Primary colors are red, white, and gray. Each of these color hues can be paired with either of the other two to create different looks.

Red is the most obvious colorchoice for Old Goldonde’s Goldeteria. It is the most vivid color you can use to call attention to your dishes. Even though it is the most prominent color, it is not the strongest looking of the three colors.

White is the perfect backdrop for dishes that do not need a strong appearance to sell them, such as vegetables or fruit. Because they do not stand out very much, these items feel more lightweight and easy to clean.

The same goes for gray dishes. You want them to look neutral, but this does not mean they have to be boring or lacking in flavor.

Try Using One of These Tones as an Accent in Your Outfit or Home Décor

purdue university colors old gold

Try one of the rich shades of old gold in your décor or interior design style. The soft, understated look of this color is a nice backdrop for most things.

Old gold is a very neutral color, so it can be utilized in many ways. It can be put on top of other colors or blended with others to create somepretty dramatic looks.

Old gold is a dark grayish brown with some lighter spots, which makes it slightly resemble an antique piece. This piece looks very nice in person as it has some slight flecks of gold and no one shade rule breakers. It is also resistant to wear and tear, making it long-lasting.

Old gold is a good choice if you are looking for a more classic look or are self-confident in your color selection.

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